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Derek Prince "They Shall Expel Demons" book purchase here

Derek Prince "Blessings or Curses: You Can Choose" book purchase here

Derek Prince "Rules of Engagement" book purchase here

Derek Prince "Secrets of a Prayer Warrior" book purchase here

"Set Yourself Free" by Robert Heidler purchase here



Part 1 The Power of a Blessing Audio Download Sermon Notes video 

Part 2 How to Pass from Curse to Blessing by Derek Prince Sermon Audio video

Part 3 A Deep Consecration Audio Download Sermon Notes  Video

Part 4 The Deliverance Ministry of Jesus Audio Download Sermon Notes Video 


The Seductions of Satan Series is dealing with the issues of spiritual warfare and deliverance, and it is Pastor Scott's most sought after teaching series. Do you still battle with lust? Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression? Do you see negative traits in your family that you find yourself struggling with? Are there still stubborn issues of chronic sickness in your life, or do you find it very difficult to pray or read the Bible? These are some signs the enemy might still be at work in your life, and that you need a spiritual breakthrough. This teaching series can help bring that breakthrough into your life. In this powerful series, Pastor Scott teaches you how to destroy what satan has had in your life.

Do you want to take a college level course on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare? The Deliverance and Warfare Bible School class below is just that. If you follow all the way through all this curriculum listed below, Sandy and I will send you a certificate of completion. This is truly a graduate level course on warfare and Deliverance. To take our Bible School you must:

1. Read Pastor Scott's Books (Transformed, Jezebel Book, and Walking in the Freedom, Victory, and Dominion of the Cross) All five of these books can be read for free on our Book Page of our website.

2. Listen to or watch the five series: Going Deeper in Prayer Series (5 Parts) Priesthood of the Believer Series (10 Parts) Communion Hebrew Roots (16 Parts) Seductions of Satan Series (18 Parts), and Faith Series (16 parts) These can be listened to here

3. Read Benny Hinn's Good Morning Holy Spirit book (you will have to purchase this: click here)

4. Read Kenneth Hagin's book on Biblical Faith Study Course (you will have to purchase this: click here)

5. Read Larry Lea's book Could You Not Tarry One Hour (you will have to purchase this: click here)

6. (Optional) I highly recommend you purchase and read Derek Prince's two classic books on deliverance entitled The Shall Expel Demons, and Blessings or Curses: you can choose. I recommend these books stay in your library so you can refer back to them.

After you have done what is required, simply email us and let us know. Also make sure to give us an address to send the certificate to. fireandicecenter@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: Feel free to share these teachings with anyone who needs them. We only ask that you do not alter them in any way or sell them for profit. Thank you




Deliverance Manual

Cleansing and Sealing off Homes and Land

Deliverance Questionnaire

Deliverance Questionnaire for Leaders

Father's Blessing

Conquering the Jezebel and Ahab spirits

Conquering Leviathan and Confusion

Thorough Examination and specific ritual renunciation for Freemasonry (excellent)

Renunciation of the false gods and sin of America

Conquering a spirit of heaviness, infirmity, depression, or oppression

Druid renunciation for those with it in their family ancestry (Celtic- Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

Native American Renunctiation and Prayers

Catholic Renunciation and Prayers

Ancient Roots Renunciation

Various Religions Renunciation includes Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Jehovahs witness and more

Yoga Renunciation Prayer

Witchcraft and Voodoo Renunciation

Powerful Blessing to Speak over yourself Daily by John Kilpatrick

Blessing for Communion, Food, Finances, and Fruit of Womb

Helpful Outline (points of reference)

Revival Fire Audio Part 1

Revival Fire Audio Part 2