Revival Internship Program

With the Lord pouring out His Spirit the way that he has been for a few years now, we are offering an intern program for those feeling a call into the ministry. This is a vocational training for those that feel a call to full time ministry, and it is also a training ground for anyone desiring to do something significant for the Lord. The amazing thing about this intern program is the training will take place right in the fires of revival, Pastor Scott will spend time with each student teaching and training you, and you will have hands on training with street evangelism, missions, and ministries that fit your calling. The program is for either one or two years. In this program you will find:

1. Experience powerful revival services weekly

2. Grow and develope in your individual calling and giftings (like worship leading, missions, or preaching)

3. Be discipled and grow in the word of God

4. Experience and participate in awesome anointed weekly prayer meetings

5. Learning how to reach the lost effectively and doing it hands on

6. Being trained in deliverance and spiritual warfare

7. Learning important keys to sustaining revival and walking in revival as a life-style

The intern will be responsible for all personal costs examples being food, clothes, car payments, car insurance, and gas. If an intern is from outside the DFW metroplex, it would be wise to get monthly support established before attending so that all your expenses will be covered during the duration of your time here. The intern is responsible for finding a place to live in the area. We have already seen powerful fruit coming out of this internship, and I encourage you to come be a part of this powerful training for you destiny.

The basic requirements for the intership is to:

Be faithful to church and prayer meetings

Reading the assigned books and watching the assigned videos

Being faithful in either youth or touching hearts ministry

Being active in evangelism and outreaches

Being active in using and devolping your gifting