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scottsandywebsite2Sandy and I want to welcome everyone to come worship with us at River of Life Fellowship on Saturday nights 6pm. God is pouring out his Spirit in an awesome and precious way. We are a church that have a heart for the lost, being a loving family, having powerful and effective youth and children's ministries, and seeing God transform lives by the power of his word and the power of his Spirit. We have a tremendous amount of free teaching materials on our discipleship and book pages we encourage everyone to check out. God bless


churchCurrently meeting at the 150 West Kingsley Street Garland Texas 75229. We are located in Ridgewood Shopping Center in Suite 510. We have Tuesday night worship and prayer meetings (Tabernacle of David meetings) that start at 7pm, Friday night youth Gatherings 7pm, and we have Saturday night services starting at 6pm. God is pouring out his Spirit healing the sick, delivering the captives, and revival fire is burning bright. The Lord is preparing a bride for his return! Come expecting a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit and rich teaching from God's word!


River of Life Fellowship: What does church mean?

Depending on how you grew up, how your family spent Sunday mornings, the people you knew and religion around you, the TV and movies you took in, your friends and the books you read, conversations and life experiences....depending on a host of things from your past, the word "church," to you could mean a lot of different things. We at River of Life want to have a church that is what God has intended to be. We desire the church to be a loving family, a place to literally encountering the living Christ, a place of spiritual growth, and a place of power. Beyond the cliche's and the obvious....beyond steeples, preachers, Sunday School, and hymns, God desires a church to be who He is: loving, untamed, resilient, freeing, healing, stepping out in faith, peace-giving, grace filled, ennobling, disturbing, encompassing, merciful, filling, safe, stretching, grounding, infectious, life overhauling, ever-new and refreshing. People should have confidence in their church that when they are going through something, they can come to church and see God move in their lives to bring miraculous change.

In River of Life our emphasis in ministry is Ephesians 4:11-16. We desire to see everyone begin to move into all God has called them to be. We are making room for a move of God and stepping out of the way so that the Holy Spirit can have his way to change lives and bring glory to Jesus.

In a very practical sense, River of Life has a strong emphasis on ministering to Children and Youth. River of Life also has discipleship in place for all age groups that will help everyone grow in Christ. We are praying to be a part of seeing the people of the nations discipled, equipped, and empowered into their destinies in Christ. There is a strong teaching ministry within River of Life as well that helps people learn how to live out the word of God in their everyday lives.

For more information about service times and directions, send and email or call us. God has recently been increasing his presence and power within the Saturday night services. Feel free to connect with Pastor Scott on Facebook. We have a weekly sermon ministry that emails you the most recent life changing sermons by email for free. If you are interested in receiving these emails, send us an email at fireandicecenter@yahoo.com and we will add you to the list.


"Let's tear down every satanic stronghold and press into this end-time anointing."

Worship is a very important aspect to River of Life Church. We believe in freedom in worship, and to get a glimpse into our worship services, you can click on the picture to hear our worship. These are taken through the soundboard live during services.


stbriStephen and Brianna Walton are the Youth Pastors and have a such a gift from God to minister to youth. Brianna is doing an incredible job leading worship, and they have such a love for teens and seeing the power of God transform their lives.






scottsandySandy Boyd is the Children's Pastor and has an incredible ability to teach children the word of God. She also is an anointed intercessor and helps in almost all aspects of the church. She is involved in too many things to list here, but she is a very vital part of this ministry. The Children's ministry is a powerful ministry bringing the word and the power of God to our children.


dadGene and Diane Boyd are also great assets to this ministry. Gene Boyd serves as an Elder of the church. Diane Boyd is a powerful intercessor. They lead a Cell Group and are powerful ministers of the word. Their wisdom and leadership is a very powerful and important part of this ministry. Diane Boyd also oversees Touching Hearts Ministry which is a benevolence/evangelism ministry that reaches out to the lost and hurting in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, sex slave victims, and the homeless.



zachwendy Zach and Wendy Jones are also great assets and leaders of this ministry. Zach has a very powerful gift of teaching and is an Elder of this ministry that oversees all discipleship. They are currently overseeing the Cell Group ministry, discipling of young believers, and various classes taught throughout the ministry. Wendy is a prayer warrior and flows powerfully in the prophetic. They are a poweful team that operate powerfully in the anointing. You can connect with Zach on Facebook to be involved in the weekly devotionals he is putting out.