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Because of the increase of need around the world, we are making available deliverance sessions and prayer via Skype with Pastor Scott. If you want deliverance, click here to download the questionnaire. The questionnaire is simply used to determine what areas have been opened up to allow the enemy access. The deliverance session is usually very smooth when people will fill them out completely and be brutally honest before God. If at all possible, please email the filled out version of the questionnaire to fireandicecenter@yahoo.com and from that place pastor Scott will get back with you on a time. Please put in the subject of the email "seeking skype deliverance and prayer." Keep in mind that around the world time zone's are very different and this could cause scheduling conflict at times, but we will do our best to accomodate the needs. If you cannot scan or figure out how to send back the questionnaire filled out, then please type the questions and answers directly into the email and send it that way. Also the questionnaire for leaders will help you know how to lead others in prayers that will see them set free. To have that click here. It is faith in the cross and the blood of Jesus that will see the captives set free. After a deliverance session, Pastor Scott has written a booklet that is a free download and will tremendously help you walk in the victory Jesus paid for you to have on the cross. If you would like a copy of that booklet, click here. Finally, on our website we have a deliverance page devoted to teachings that will change your life. If you will listen to the sermons and watch the videos, these will help you walk in the freedom Jesus paid such a dear price for you to have. Think of this, if Jesus was willing to suffer on the level he did, he must truly desire you to be healed and delivered. 1 Peter 2:24 and Galatians 3:13-14. Christ's coming is near. Let us make sure we are living righteous lives and ready for his appearing.